Art Performance Meditation - Beyond Silence, recorded at CCA art museum in Spain

Art Performance Meditation - Beyond Silence by artist Joakim Eneroth

This art performance is created as a guided meditation where the international artist Joakim Eneroth are leading us into the landscape of our minds and points out the overlooked aspects where an inner freedom can be found. Joakim is here using traditional eastern insight and freedom methods which here have been secularized and transformed into a contemporary art expression. He is exploring if these secularised insight methods potentially can start to be used in different areas of our western society in the same way that mindfulness is used. When Mindfulness was introduced and secularized in the 1990´s  there was one problem, and that was that Mindfulness was just the first 50% of how these methods are used in the eastern traditions. So in in the east Mindfulness is often used as a beginner practice, an initial practice before you start with the deeper insight practices. The difference is that mindfulness just gives a more or less temporary effect of calm and stillness, while the insight meditations are focused on realising and discovering a deeper freedom that is not just a temporary taste. Joakim Eneroth is here exploring if these missing insight practices that are seen in the east as the higher practices and are suppose to follow after Mindfulness training now can start to be secularized and used in the west. Joakim Eneroth says regarding the art performance: “I intuitively feel that I´ve started a series of art performances that will be of significance for different people around the world.”

This art performance was recorded at the CCA museum in Mallorca in Spain. CCA is the largest centre of contemporary art in Mallorca.


Music by Sergey Chermisinov


Joakim Eneroth is an international established artist who is represented with his artwork at museum collections such as: Tate Modern (London), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Brookly Museum of Art (New York), Houston Museum of fine art, Dallas Museum of art, MEP (Paris), Frank Suss Collection (London), Statens Konstråd (Sverige), Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), Nordiska Museet (Stockholm), Art Foundation Mallorca (Andrax), Musée des Beaux Arts ( Pau/France).

 The aim of Joakim Eneroth´s art work is often to reveal more and more of the subconscious layers of our experience and the dance of notions and perceptions in the fluctuating mind. The questions usually revolve around how to distinguish the mental projections from reality itself. Awareness and Mind are the themes that unite Eneroth’s protean work. With each new series the artist explores another aspect of consciousness and the boundaries where our inner and outer worlds meet.