Blinded by the Known is the third part of a trilogy where the artist Joakim Eneroth explores how the human mind creates psychological projections and fabricates a dream-like inner reality.

In the first part (Short Stories of the Transparent Mind), Eneroth explored the dimensionless aspect of our consciousness, where he showed us how human experience is made up of illusory assumptions. In the second part (Whispering Void), Eneroth investigated our tendency to over-identify with these mental constructions.

In this last part, Blinded by the Known, Eneroth explores the underlying subjective mental filter that we constantly act from.

In his new artworks, Eneroth makes this transparent layer of interpretation and positioning visible, and highlights how it permeates everything in the human experience.

In this new series we find artworks creating a hypnotic three-dimensional experience: A cloud, which is spray-painted in several layers, and appears to be levitating in the room. An inviting swimming-pool in gigantic size which seems to grow out of the wall, like magic, but turns out to be a photographic three-dimensional hologram.

In other artworks, Eneroth allows this hypnotizing illusion to slowly dismantle, as he peels of the different layers of subjectivity. Here, Eneroth has used stencils to spray-paint objects onto his photographs. These photographs create a paradox between a depicted reality and a constructed scenery, experienced simultaneously. The spray-painted objects in a real photo landscape create an oscillation between a documented situation and a subjective fabricated narrative.

These artworks gradually establish a new perspective, where the mind no longer can believe its own thought constructions nor its visual interpretations or imprints. 

And when we discern the faculty of believing appearances, it becomes possible to transcend the subjective filters altogether. We can then, on a deeper level, appreciate these artworks’ ability to reveal reality beyond the perception of the dualistic mind.


The art exhibition includes photography, paintings, electromagnetic floating sculptures, and photographic three-dimensional holograms.

Joakim Eneroth is born 1969 and based in Sweden. His work has been exhibited internationally in dozens of solo and group shows and have been published as art books with prestigious publishers like Steidl and Power House Books. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and his works are held in large institutional collections such as: Tate Modern (London), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Brookly Museum of Art (New York), Houston Museum of fine art, Dallas Museum of art, MEP (Paris), Göteborgs Konstmuseum (Göteborg), Frank Suss Collection (London), Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), Nordiska Museet (Stockholm), Art Foundation Mallorca (Andrax), Musée des Beaux Arts (Pau, France), Statens Konstråd (Sverige).

The aim of Joakim Eneroth´s art work is often to reveal more and more of the subconscious layers of our experience and the dance of notions and perceptions in the fluctuating mind. The questions usually revolve around how to distinguish the mental projections from reality itself. Awareness and Mind are the themes that unite Eneroth’s protean work. With each new series the artist explores another aspect of consciousness and the boundaries where our inner and outer worlds meet.

1 Blinded by the known_edited.jpg

Blinded by the Known 1
spray paint on photograph


Have You Ever Tried Breaking up During Honeymoon and Being Stuck in a Boring Paradise? (no 1)
spray paint on photograph


Have You Ever Tried Breaking up During Honeymoon and Being Stuck in a Boring Paradise? (no 2)
spray paint on photograph


Silent Release 2
3D hologram : spraypaint on 3 paralell layers of reflection-free glass



spray paint on photograph


spray paint on photograph


Silent Release 1
Wall sculpture. Hand: plaster, Balloon: acrylic plastic 



Lack of Orientation 1
spray paint on photograph


Lack of Orientation 2
spray paint on photograph


Lack of Orientation 3
spray paint on photograph

3D photo-holograms:

7. NY.jpg

Repeated View 1
spray paint on photograph


Fixated Pool Water Notions Compact and Condensed
acryl paint on colored transparent plexi board


Fixated Dark Forest Scent Compact and Condensed
acryl paint on colored transparent plexi board

Floating by Unnoticed
Electro magnetic sculpture of floating air madrass, plastic and metal


14NY HELT FÄRDIG GAMEN_edited_edited.jpg

With The Frequent Fear of the Wordless Views
spray paint on photograph